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It is best to contact your local home improvement contractor as soon as you spot the problem. They should be able to tell you if there are structural repairs needed elsewhere on your property to fix the same problem (such as a foundation crack) and if so, how they will be treated. Small cracks that don’t seem to be affecting the outside could be the start of a larger problem that needs to be repaired. It is important to remember that the stucco never sticks properly to just about any surface. Most often, it adheres better to slightly rougher surfaces, such as wood, brick, drywall and vinyl tile. Small cracks can be repaired quickly and inexpensively using stucco chips, small chunks or pieces. They can also be replaced by a home improvement contractor if there is a question about the extent of the damage. Large cracks will have to be repaired by a professional stucco repair company using large-scale methods. You can call your local home improvement contractor for advice if you are unsure about what method will be best to fix your small or large crack repairs

Small Stucco Repair

Small cracks can often be repaired for less than half the cost of larger repairs. The estimated price to repair 400 square feet of average stucco using stucco chips is approximately $7,500 or less. Basic minor repairs, which consist of patching small holes and cracks, can run from relatively inexpensive to several thousand dollars, while large repairs like replacing all the kitchen fixtures and moving extensive ductwork will likely cost much more. When small cracks are corrected or repaired, they do not often have to be replaced because they often will close themselves, leaving only a “sunken” area. A siding repair can also be done effectively using stucco instead of mortar, as this surface is far easier to work with. However, if small stucco repair in Renton, Washington does not close properly, the siding could be damaged. In addition, small cracks can often be patched with mineral-filled adhesive that will bond the area together much better. If these patches are not visually appealing or do not fix the problem, they can be removed and replaced with new ones.

While most small stucco repair jobs are fairly straight, forward, larger or more detailed projects that involve repairs to entire walls, windows and even ceilings are going to require a bit more time, patience and skill. Small cracks usually can be fixed quickly and inexpensively using stucco chips or chunks that can be obtained from the demolition of surrounding structures. Newer technologies make stucco repairs and patching more time consuming and labor intensive because of the small size of the repair job. For example, small cracks might need only small stucco chips to correct them. But when the repair is more extensive, such as repairing an entire wall or even replacing part of it, a larger amount of stucco will probably be required. Also, because stucco repairs tend to be somewhat forgiving, small cracks might not need to be replaced entirely; in fact, small cracks can often be patched around without damage to adjoining drywall.


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