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Why Choose Our Stucco? For many homeowners, the stucco they choose to paint their house can mean the difference between a beautiful home or a home that looks like who made it yesterday. Unfortunately, not all places or areas have the best conditions for stucco. So if you’re looking for an excellent way to protect your investment and add the sophisticated look of stucco to your home’s beauty, we are here to help!

Stucco is one of the oldest building materials used by man. Its beauty has been appreciated since Roman times. Although it is incredibly durable and hard-wearing, the stucco system can be damaged by many factors. That is why stucco repair contractors must use materials and methods that are designed specifically for your area and stucco repair system.

For example, there are many reasons stucco siding repair and stucco installation aren’t the same things. Most common is that the two terms are often used interchangeably without realizing that the two systems have significant differences. Stucco is composed primarily of primarily water-resistant resins. While some stucco is impervious to water, most are porous, which means it is more likely to absorb water. A water-resistant stucco surface will stand up better to moisture and will be more resistant to cracking and shrinking than one that is not water-resistant.

When it comes to stucco repair services and stucco installation, the difference between the two becomes apparent when you see the cost. Stucco installation is much more affordable than stucco repair because of the material costs. In addition, labor rates in a professional stucco repair service are much lower than those in stucco patch installation. Most professional stucco repair contractors also offer some warranty for their work. That warranty can often cover repairs and replacement of your damaged stucco siding.

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Another critical difference between stucco repair and stucco installation is the time required. Stucco installation can take anywhere from two to eight weeks, while stucco repair can often be complete in just one day. Repair stucco siding takes a little longer because the stucco must be allowed to dry before it is repaired. Many stucco companies and homeowners prefer to hire professional stucco repair contractors because they know who will repair their material correctly the first time and won’t make any mistakes. Since the process is shorter, the stucco repairs tend to be more expensive.       

Even though both stucco systems are very similar, there are essential differences between them that you should be aware of. Most importantly, if you decide to hire professional stucco contractors for your stucco installation or stucco repair service, be sure to check out their work history. There’s nothing worse than hiring someone with a short work history who may not know what he’s doing. Ask for a portfolio of past jobs, or even better, ask for references so that you can be sure you’re dealing with the best stucco contractors around.

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